Meditation Mastery

Transformative 4-Week Journey Into Mastering The Art & Science of Meditation.

 Exclusive at Happy Chakra Yoga And Meditation Studio. Tweed Heads.

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Join us for the Meditation Mastery Workshop and embark on a 4-week journey to transform your life forever.

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OCTOBER 9TH, 16TH, 23RD & 30TH 2023
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Discover the True Power of Meditation in our 4-Week Mastery Workshop.”

Join like-minded souls as we journey into the ancient practice of authentic meditation, unveiling its hidden treasures and unlocking the secrets to a balanced and purposeful life. 

This workshop serves as your gateway to inner peace, heightened awareness, and a profound connection to your authentic true self.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this training equips you with a versatile skill set to master meditation with ease and experience all of the life-changing benefits of Meditation.

Why Meditation Mastery?

There Are Missing Pieces in Modern Meditation Teaching

In today’s fast-paced digital age, information spreads rapidly, but amidst this abundance, crucial teachings of enlightened Buddhas and yogis have been omitted by many modern meditation teachers. As a result, the transformative essence of meditation has been diluted, leaving many practitioners yearning for a deeper, more profound experience.

You’ll Uncover the Hidden Treasures You’ve Been Missing

Have you ever felt that your meditation practice is missing something, that there’s a deeper level of peace and self-awareness waiting to be unlocked? You’re not alone. Many individuals today are seeking to rekindle the true essence of meditation, the timeless wisdom that has been passed down through generations of yogis and enlightened beings.

You’ll Rediscover Meditation’s Hidden Gems with Us

The Meditation Mastery Workshop offers you a unique opportunity to rediscover the hidden gems of meditation that have been omitted from many modern teachings. Led by the seasoned meditation expert, Tony Myers, this transformative 4-week journey delves deep into the core techniques and insights that were once cherished by ancient yogis and Buddhas.

Here’s What You’ll Experience with The Meditation Mastery Workshop.


Stress Reduction and Deep Relaxation.

As you embark on this transformative journey, you’ll master techniques that manage stress and cultivate relaxation, leading to a more peaceful and centred daily life. You’ll:


  • Develop practical stress-relief methods that can be easily integrated into your routine.
  • Discover deep relaxation practices that calm the mind and soothe the body.
  • Create a harmonious equilibrium by releasing tension and embracing serenity.

Inner Harmony and Peace.

Dive into the exploration of your inner landscape, cultivating a natural state of peace and harmony that extends to your interactions with the world. As you engage with the workshop, you’ll:


  • Connect with your inner calm by embracing meditation as a daily ritual.
  • Foster harmonious relationships through enhanced emotional awareness and empathy.
  • Discover the power of centeredness, allowing you to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

A Deeper Connection with Your Higher Self.

Embark on a transformative journey to establish an intimate connection with your higher self and experience:


  • Heightened wisdom and Intuition that guides you to materialise your goals and dreams.
  • Clarity of your life’s purpose that brings you fulfilment and success in life
  • Universal Connection so you can tap into universal energies for growth and abundance.

Improved Focus and Concentration.

With our guided program, you’ll experience heightened mental clarity and concentration, effectively taming the distractions of a busy mind. Throughout the workshop, you’ll:


  • Train your mind to stay present and attentive through mindfulness techniques.
  • Strengthen your ability to sustain focus on tasks, enhancing productivity.
  • Acquire skills to navigate mental restlessness and regain concentration effortlessly.

Enhanced Emotional Well-being.

Throughout this 4-week workshop, you’ll cultivate emotional resilience and balance, enabling you to respond to life’s challenges with grace and positivity. Through the workshop, you’ll:


  • Cultivate mindfulness to connect with your emotions in a nonjudgmental way.
  • Explore methods to regulate your emotional responses and foster emotional intelligence.
  • Foster compassion toward yourself and others, nurturing a nurturing and empathetic mindset.

Better Sleep Quality.

Embrace the transformation of your sleep as you discover how meditation can promote restful slumber by quieting mental chatter and inducing a sense of calm before bedtime. You’ll:


  • Develop pre-sleep rituals that ease your mind and prepare you for deep sleep.
  • Learn relaxation methods that release accumulated stress and promote relaxation.
  • Embrace guided meditation techniques designed to gently guide you into a peaceful slumber.

Heightened Creativity.

Embark on a journey to unlock your creative potential as meditation enhances brain activity associated with generating innovative ideas. By joining us, you’ll:


  • Develop mindfulness practices that stimulate unconventional thinking patterns.
  • Access the wellspring of your imagination through meditation-induced neural connectivity.
  • Embrace the role of meditation in breaking down mental barriers that hinder creativity.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in The Meditation Mastery Workshop.

Week 1: Developing a Strong Foundation.

In Week 1, we will explore step by step the true essence of meditation as taught by the ancient masters.

You’ll learn.

  • The different forms and styles of meditation and how to best use them.
  • How to build a strong foundation for your meditation practice and meditate with ease.
  • The best way to reduce stress and anxiety in your life to manageable levels.
  • How to overcome the common myths & misconceptions of meditation.

    By the end of week 1 – You’ll know how to utilise meditation as a potent self-development system designed for the 21st century.

     Week 2: Cultivating Mental and Emotional Harmony.

    The key to experiencing true meditation harness the power of your breath to not only harmonise your mental and emotional states but to also access the subconscious and the superconscious mind

    In Week 2, You’ll learn.

    • The best way to breathe to reduces stress, and anxiety and promotes emotional well-being.
    • How to utilise the breath as a tool to overcome restlessness and busy mind during meditation.
    •  A simple formula to utilise the breath to develop higher levels of awakened awareness
    • An ancient time-tested way to utilise the breath to access your subconscious and the superconscious mind.

    By the end of week 2- You’ll have a deep understanding of how to easily utilise the breath to enter into deep powerful meditative states.

    Week 3: Cleansing And Purifying Your Subconscious Mind

    Our intention for module 6 is to assist you to utilise wisdom, reasoning, and logic to cleanse and purify the subconscious mind of things holding you back in life.

    In Week 3, You’ll learn,

    • How to understand the nature of thoughts and emotions without getting attached to them.
    • The best way to practise analytical meditation to release and purify deep-rooted limiting beliefs in the subconscious.
    • How to analyse Unhelpful Thinking Patterns and Replace Them with Positive Empowering Thoughts focused on a brighter future. 

    • How to enter into an awakened state of focused inner peace that leads to greater self-knowledge, and understanding of life.

    By the end of week 3-You’ll know how to enter into deep peaceful states to use the power of your higher self to understand and purify your subconscious mind of things holding you back in life.

    Week 4: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind.

    In week 4 we build upon the previous meditation techniques and learn how use concentration techniques to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind.

     In Week 4, You’ll learn,

    • How to create neural pathways and reprogram your Subconscious mind. 
    • How to develop an empowering positive mindset focused on a brighter future. 
    • How to transform unhelpful thinking patterns into empowering positive thinking patterns.
    • How to direct your mind to focus on the acceleration of your goals dreams and aspirations.

    By the end of Week 4 – You’ll have mastered the skills to focus on empowering thoughts focused on a brighter future so you can accelerate the achievement of your goals dreams and aspirations.

    Workshop Bonuses.

    Bonus 1: The Art & Science of Mastering ebook.

    Here’s a Sample of What You’ll Learn,

    • How to Naturally Boost the Production of Happy Neurochemicals In The Brain Without Pills or Medication.
    • How to Meditate with Easy Without Worrying About Stopping Your Thoughts and Stilling Your Mind. 
    • The Truth About Just Being Present All The Time And Why It Does Not Always Work.
    • What to do if Your Mind is Really Busy All The Time And You Can Not Stop Your Thoughts.
    • How to Boost Your Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, and Optimism to Higher Levels. It’s all about your mindset.

    Bonus 2: Inner Peace & Calm Online Course.

    You’ll Receive,

    • 15 Video Tutorials on Meditation & Breathing Techniques
    • 15 Meditation Mp3’s and Breathing Audio Mp3’s
    • Downloadable Pdf Course Recourses.

    What People Say About Tony’s Teachings.


    Ready to Begin Your Journey?

    Join us for the Meditation Mastery Workshop and embark on a 4-week journey that will transform your life forever.

    The Meditation Mastery Workshop is Perfect for:

    Seeker New on Their Meditation Journey.

    If you’re new to meditation or challenged practising, you’re going to love this workshop. Tony presents meditation in a simple and effective way without any dogma. We will explore a variety of techniques so you can discover the best technique that resonates with your heart.

    Yoga & Meditation Teachers.

    If you’re a Yoga And Meditation Teacher who wants to master meditation in this workshop you’ll gain valuable knowledge to transform your meditation practice to the next level 

    Coaches and Therapists.

    If you’re a Coach, Doctor, or therapist and you aspire to incorporate transformative practices to evolve and bring more depth into your personal and professional practice, you’re going to love this workshop

    Doctors, Nurses, and Holistic Practitioners.

    If you’re a Holistic Practitioner who wants to expand your professional horizons, you’ll love this training. Our training will provide you with the tools you need to manage your busy lifestyle.

    Tony’s Happy Students.

    Tony Myers is a dream to work with. He is a superb yoga and meditation teacher. His gentle manner guides you through the practice.  I’ve gone from someone who couldn’t meditate at all to becoming a more centered, calm, and focus meditator. 

    I have additionally benefitted from working with Tony by gaining clarity to write my memoir. Tony’s Yoga Nidra techniques have changed my life.  I highly recommend Tony’s classes and courses. He is a respectful gentleman. 

    Tracy Powers


    Tony’s gentle instructions are very conducive to nurturing both the physical and spiritual side of meditation and yoga. His classes are at a pace that allows time to enjoy and relax into the postures. No feeling of competing with other students. The instructions are not too technical – just gentle guidance.

    I feel peaceful, relaxed, rejuvenated after the classes, and have noticed Improved fitness, flexibility, posture, and mental focus, with more general awareness and the ability to live in the moment.

    Prof. Roy Hall

    Professor of Virology, University of Queensland Australia

    Tony Myers has run numerous Yoga & Meditation classes and workshops for our company. I highly recommend Tony as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and his classes.
    Tony’s Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops are what I am most looking forward to in my week! You can tell that Tony prepares each lesson very precisely, and I always left like a new person – fully satisfied and nourished in my body, heart & soul.

    Nela Kora Bellara

    Psychologist & Event Coordinator.


    Q: How do I know this meditation teacher training will work for me?

    Rest assured you’re in good hands. Tony is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia and has been teaching meditation and yoga for over 15 Years.

    Q: What level of meditation experience is required to join the Meditation Mastery Workshop?

    A: The Meditation Mastery Workshop is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced meditators. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of meditation or looking to deepen your existing practice, our workshop provides a comprehensive and enriching experience for all levels.

    Q: Will there be opportunities to ask questions and interact with the instructor?

    A: Absolutely. The workshop includes live Q&A sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to ask Tony Myers your questions directly. These sessions are designed to provide clarity, address any uncertainties, and foster a sense of community among participants.

    Q: What if I've tried meditation before and it hasn't worked for me?

    A: Our workshop is designed to provide a holistic approach to meditation, offering a variety of techniques that cater to different preferences and needs. If you’ve tried meditation before and didn’t experience the desired results, this workshop can be a fresh opportunity to explore new methods and gain insights that might resonate more effectively with you.

    Q: What can I expect to gain from participating in the Meditation Mastery Workshop?

    A: By participating in the workshop, you can expect to gain a deep understanding of meditation’s core principles, techniques, and benefits. You’ll learn how to cultivate emotional harmony, reduce stress, and enhance your awareness. Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the transformative effects of meditation firsthand and integrate them into your daily life.

    Ready to Begin Your Journey?

    Join us for the Meditation Mastery Workshop and embark on a transformative 4-week journey that will reshape your relationship with meditation and self-discovery.

    Join The Training Risk-Free We Offer a 100% Guarantee.

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