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What is the Transformational Meditation Method?

The Transformational Meditation Framework is a comprehensive secular (Non-Religious) Meditation Teacher Training that integrates a compelling synthesis of authentic time tested ancient wisdom, evidence-based techniques, and modern neuro-linguistic programming methodologies designed for the 21st century.

Whether you are new on your meditation journey or an experienced practitioner, this life-changing training will provide you with a versatile skill set that will unleash your ability to master your own meditation practice and become a true world leader in personal development.

What Makes This Method Truly Unique?

It’s a fresh new modern approach to meditation that integrates unique new frameworks, methods, and formulas that facilitate real transformational results and maximizes the physiological & psychological benefits of meditation.

The method is designed to assist you to develop your own unique signature style.

Who is the Method for?

There has never been a more important time in history, the world needs more meditation leaders and teachers.

The Transformational Meditation Method is for people who are seeking to learn transformative outcome-based meditative methods and want to embark on a new exciting career working as an internationally accredited Meditation Teacher in 8 weeks.

The Method is Perfect for:

Coaches and Therapists.

It’s For Coaches, Doctors, and therapists who aspire to incorporate transformative practices to evolve and bring more depth into their practice. Our meditation teacher training teaches you how to incorporate meditation into your in-person or virtual sessions to guide your clients from despair to higher levels of inner peace and happiness.

Doctors, Nurses, and Holistic Practitioners.

If you’re a Holistic Practitioner who wants to expand your professional horizons, you’ll love this training. Our training will provide you additional tools to add to your toolbox to provide your clients with transformative insights and breakthroughs.

Yoga & Meditation Teachers.

If you’re a Yoga And Meditation Teacher who wants to master meditation in a new practical transformative way that maximizes your business growth. In our training, you’ll gain valuable knowledge required to facilitate successful meditation classes, workshops, and retreats.

Entrepreneurs Seeking New Online Business Ventures.

For altruistic Entrepreneurs who aspire to heal and transform others’ lives and make the world a better place. Our training provides you with the tools you need to create new online business opportunities and tap into the world’s $4.2 Trillion Wellness Industry.

About Your Teacher Trainer.

Tony Myers – founder and CEO of the Teacher Training Academy – Is known as an authority on meditation and for his ability to analyze complex ancient wisdom texts, and for creating innovative, easy-to-follow, scientifically validated methodologies and training designed for the Modern world.  

Tony has spent decades researching meditation and completing various teacher training programs around the world. He has lived and studied in various ashrams in India and Australia and practiced Meditation in Buddhist Monasteries in Sri Lanka.  

Tony is a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner and registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Australia. Over the last 15 years, Tony has taught over 4000 Yoga and meditation classes in Yoga Studios, various Universities (12 years at the University of Queensland) Gyms, Hospitals, and Corporate Environments. His mission is to transform the humanity by training millions of world-class meditation teachers.

What People Say About The Method.


What You’ll Learn in The Training.


1. The Moladhara Chakra.

You’ll learn,

 Systematic Formulas for Creating Guided Transformative Meditations. Step-by-Step Processes for Facilitating One on One Coaching Sessions.

How to Facilitate Live and Virtual Group Workshops & Retreats. How to Create Unique Guided Meditations Designed for Your Client’s Unique Needs.

2: Outcome-Based Transformative Meditation Practices.

While most meditation teacher training primarily focuses on mindfulness or repeating secret mantras which can be useful at reducing a little stress, many people find these practices limiting, they don’t get all the benefits they desire or deserve.

Our training integrates a variety of techniques based on specific outcomes to not only reduce stress and to shift and clear anything holding your clients back but to help them achieve their deepest goals dreams and aspirations.


3: Systematic Processes for Developing a Connection With Your Higher Self.

One of the key components of this training is to provide you with systematic formulas and time-tested methods to guide yourself and your clients to tune into higher evolved states of consciousness.

With this knowledge, you will notice your ability to skilfully manage challenging events in your life increases considerably. You’ll know how to connect with your higher self and receive the inner guidance to act with more wisdom and intuition.



4: Ancient Wisdom Infused With Modern NLP.

During our meditation teacher training, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of a range of meditation and modern Neuro-Linguistic Programming Methodologies.

Our unique process has been tested and refined over the last 12 years and draws from a combination of various scientifically proven modalities. You’ll learn how to integrate a potent synthesis of Guided Imagery, Analytical Meditation Techniques, Focused Attention Meditation Techniques, and Hypnotherapy into your teaching methodologies.

5: Powerful Holistic Healing Methodologies.

The key to true transformation and long-lasting results is to heal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your clients’ lives.

During this teacher training program, you’ll learn step-by-step processes to assist in deep holistic healing in all areas of your clients’ lives, enhancing their health and wellbeing and improving the quality of their lives, and life spans.

6: How to Lead Virtual Summits, Live Workshops, and One on One Sessions.

Expand your professional horizons and gain the knowledge and confidence to deliver guided meditations for virtual summits, live workshops, and one-on-one sessions.

We’ll provide you with themes and lesson plans of different styles of meditation scrips to run successful outcome-based meditation events.

7: The Blueprint for Subconscious Mind Reprogramming.

In our training, you’ll discover how to transform mindfulness and other meditation techniques to a whole new level.

Our framework is designed to guide your clients into deep peaceful states of internalized consciousness where it is more receptive to growth, change, and transformation. Then you’ll learn specific techniques to reprogram the subconscious mind and rewire the neurology of the brain for success.

Diploma of Meditation Teacher Training Curriculum Overview.


This course presents a Systematic and Pragmatic approach to teaching and learning meditation.

What you’ll learn in this course will exceed anything you might have learnt in other training.

It’s suitable for aspirants new on their meditation journey or seasoned practitioners.

I designed the training for you to become a master of your craft.

Here is What You’ll Learn in The Teacher Training Course:

Module 1: History and Philosophy of Meditation.


In Module 1, we will explore the fascinating history, philosophy, and historical developments of Meditation. You will discover how to integrate a variety of the world’s most powerful evidence-based techniques into your personal and professional practice.

You’ll learn.

  • All about The Timeline and Chronology of Meditation.
  • The core fundamentals of the Ancient Vedas and the proceeding Upanishads.
  • The key concepts and principles of Buddhism.
  • Introduction to the meditative philosophy of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
  • How to utilize the timeless wisdom of Tantra and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

By the end of module 1 – you’ll gain powerful insights into the evolution of meditation and how it can be used as a potent self-development system designed for the 21st century.

Module 2: Meditation and Modern Science.

The key to developing the confidence to become a true meditation facilitator is to gain valuable insight into the intimate mind-body connection and how meditation positively impacts the delicate balance between the physical systems of the body and the psychological processes of the mind.

In Module 2, You’ll learn.

  • The positive holistic effect meditation has on the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, and why it is so effective at reducing stress and anxiety.
  • How meditation affects the neurochemistry in the brain and produces happy neurochemicals.
  •  How meditation enhances neuroplasticity and remodels the brain.
  • The Fascinating effects of Meditation & Your Brainwaves.
  • The Scientific Evidence-based Physical & Mental Benefits of Meditation.

By the end of module 2, you’ll have a deep understanding of how meditation holistically heals the body and mind, and the powerful positive effects of the Neurophysiology in the Brain


Module 3: Foundational Meditation Methodologies.

In Module 3, you’ll discover the essential building blocks necessary to create a long-lasting enjoyable meditation practice you’ll love.

 On top of that, we introduce how to practice and formulate micro-meditations for busy people.

You’ll learn

  • An introduction to Transformative Meditation Practices.
  • How to develop higher levels of awareness.
  • How to practice and transform Mindfulness-Based Meditations.
  • Essential Micro meditation and breath-work methodologies.

Module 3 will prepare you for the more advanced meditation practices in the proceeding modules.


Module 4: Healing & Preparing the Physical Body for an Optimal Meditation Experience.

Most meditation teachers and methods skip this important step, and it’s one of the biggest reasons most people never receive all the incredible benefits of meditation.

In Module 4, you’ll learn systematic methods to prepare the physical body for an optimal meditation experience. Plus, you’ll learn the fundamental building blocks of transformative meditation practice and how to formulate your own meditation scripts.

You’ll learn

  • How to strengthen and prepare the physical body for a more comfortable meditative experience.
  • How to clear energy blockages in the physical body.
  • The best meditation postures conducive for an optional meditative experience.
  • Meditation hand mudras to experience a deeper state of meditation.
  • Walking meditations, and how to utilize chairs, props, and adaptations for people with physical limitations.
  • The building blocks of the Transformational Meditation Method.

By the end of module 4, You’ll gain the skills and tools needed to better prepare the physical body for meditation. We break down the key components of our guided meditation framework so you’ll have the knowledge to create your own meditation scripts.

Module 5: Essential Breathing Techniques for Meditation.

In Module 5, we shine the light on how breathing techniques can be utilised as a powerful method to balance and harmonize the mind, and deeply heal the physical body

Additionally, we systemize the process for you and teach you how to formulate breathing techniques  to access the subconscious and super-conscious mind.

You’ll learn

  • Breathing Techniques Instantly create a sense of peace and calm and Develop greater self-awareness.
  • Breathing Techniques to Activate the parasympathetic nervous system and reverses the stress response.
  • Breathing Techniques to enhance cardiovascular function and boost your immune system.
  • Pranayama Techniques effectively balance and heal the pranic energy in the body.

By the end of module 5, you’ll have a solid grounding of the benefits of breathing and how to formulate breathing techniques into your meditation sessions.

Module 6: Introduction to Buddhism And The Patanjali Yoga Sutras with a Modern Perspective.

Our intention for module 6 is to illustrate the importance of investigating the time-tested wisdom of the authoritative texts on meditation and how to apply this wisdom in the modern world we live in today.

In Module 6, You’ll learn,

  • Codes on how to live a harmonious life conducive to meditation.
  • A systematic framework to purify the deeper layers of the mind.
  • Concentration techniques for channeling and focus the mind’s energy.
  • How to develop faith and tune into your higher reality.
  • Foundational Buddhism and Developing Insight into the 4 Noble Truths to attain higher levels of happiness in life.
  • The Eightfold Path as a construct for living a successful, fulfilling life in accordance with your life purpose.
  • Meta Meditation Practices such as Gratitude, Compassion and love, and kindness Meditations.

By the end of module 6, you’ll know how to introduce meditation into your one on one and group teachings in a secular way designed for a modern audience.

Module 7: Key Meditation Techniques And Methodologies.

In module 7 we analyze historically validated key meditation techniques and you’ll gain concise knowledge of their unique individual applications and how to integrate them in your one on one and group sessions.

On top of that, you’ll learn how to formulate guided meditation scripts structured for each key meditation technique.

In Module 7, You’ll learn,

  • Analytical Meditation Techniques.
  • Concentration Meditation Techniques.
  •  Mantra Meditation Techniques.
  • Visualization Techniques.
  • Affirmations techniques and Sakalpas.
  • Chidakash Dharana Meditation Techniques.
  • Sakshi Dhayn Meditation Techniques.
  • Trataka Meditation Techniques.
  • Self Enquiry Meditation Methods.

By the end of module 7- you’ll be established as knowledgeable and experienced in various meditation techniques and their applications, therefore becoming an authority on meditation. 

Module 8: The Evolution of Meditation.

Throughout module 8 we build upon the previous meditation techniques and learn how to formulate combinations of various meditation techniques Designed for your Clients’ Unique Individual Needs and Lifestyles.

In Module 8, You’ll learn,

  • How to practice analytical techniques to analyze unhelpful thinking patterns and concentration meditation techniques to refocus the mind on positive empowering thoughts.
  • Innovative ways to combine mindfulness with other scientifically proven techniques.
  • How to Integrate guided imagery and positive affirmations to facilitate subconscious reprogramming.
  • Formulaic processes to make peace with the past, concentration-based meditation techniques to be at ease in the present moment, and visualization techniques to envision a clear vision for the future.
  • Finally, How to Synthesize Ancient Wisdom methodologies with Modern Psychology, coaching, and NLP, to assist your clients to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations.

By the end of Module 8 – You’ll have mastered the skills required to create unique guided meditations for your clients’ individual needs.


Module 9: Teaching Methodology Theory & Practice.

In this module, we will build upon everything learnt in the previous modules and you’ll learn processes, tools, and teaching methodologies to successfully run individual sessions and group workshops and retreats.

In Module 9, You’ll learn,

  • How to confidently talk to groups and develop leadership skills. 
  • How to Develop authentic voice, tonality, projection, and clear verbal expression conducive for conducting meditation classes. 
  • Ethics and how to create a safe and effective teaching environment.
  • How to theme and conduct meditation workshops and retreats.

    By the end of Module 9 – you’ll know how to maximize the use of your voice and have acquired the skills needed to facilitate guided meditation classes to groups and individuals successfully.

    Teacher Training Bonuses.

    Bonus Module 1: Marketing and Business Development Skills.

    You’ll Learn,

    • How to choose the best products for your niche.
    • How to build a basic website and capture leads from potential clients.
    • Marketing funnels and recommended software to use.

    Bonus Module 2: Audio and Filming Techniques.

    You’ll Learn,

    • How to professionally record and edit meditation audio.
    • Filming, lighting, and video techniques.
    • The best microphones for meditations, audios, & video shoots.
    • 101 Video camera and lighting setups.

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    On Top of Lifetime Access to all The Online training, You’re also Getting: 

    • Expert mentorship and 8 Weekly Q&A calls with direct access to Tony personally.

    • Lifetime access to 40 hours of in-depth training.

    • Customized meditation scripts for you to model.

    • Access to Tony’s growing catalog of meditation & breath-work audios.

    • Weekly customized guided live meditation to assist you through your training.

    • Connections with other like-minded people so you can make new friends.

    Recent Clients.

    Happy Customers.

    Tony Myers is a dream to work with. He is a superb yoga and meditation teacher. His gentle manner guides you through the practice.  I’ve gone from someone who couldn’t meditate at all to becoming a more centered, calm, and focus meditator.  I have additionally benefitted from working with Tony by gaining clarity to write my memoir. Tony’s Yoga Nidra techniques have changed my life.  I highly recommend Tony’s classes and courses. He is a respectful gentleman. 

    Tracy Powers


    Tony’s gentle instructions are very conducive to nurturing both the physical and spiritual side of meditation and yoga. His classes are at a pace that allows time to enjoy and relax into the postures. No feeling of competing with other students. The instructions are not too technical – just gentle guidance. I feel peaceful, relaxed, rejuvenated after the classes, and have noticed Improved fitness, flexibility, posture, and mental focus, with more general awareness and the ability to live in the moment.

    Prof. Roy Hall

    Professor of Virology, University of Queensland Australia


    Q: How do I know this course will work for me?

    Rest assured you’re in good hands. Tony is a registered senior teacher with Yoga Australia and has been teaching meditation and yoga for over 15 Years.

    Q: How long does it take to go through the program?

    The course is designed to take 8 weeks, however, you can take longer if needed and also complete the course earlier if you’re dedicated.

    Q: Can I work full-time and still complete the program successfully?

    Yes, the program is designed to work at your own pace in your own time. If something comes up in your life and you need to take a break, that’s fine, just recommence when you’re ready.

    Join The Training Risk-Free We Offer a 100% Guarantee. 

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